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Microwave cooking is really a great gift for those who want their meal to get ready in a few minutes. Most of us usually use our home microwave for reheating our meal, for making popcorn or just for melting chocolate. But here are some great tips that will allow you to add microwave cooking to your daily routine and will help to cut short the time you spend in the kitchen. We also have some tips on microwave cooking to make it easy for you to use the microwave.

Microwave Cooking

  1. Always use those dishes in the microwave which are recommended.
  2. Plastic papers, wood and glass can be used easily in the microwave.
  3. Never use metal pots in the microwave as it will produce sparkling.
  4. Microwave heat can penetrate only up to 1 and 1½ inches so always use a big dish or container for your recipe to properly cook food.
  5. A microwave always takes approximately 6 minutes per pound of food. This is for fruits, veggies and poultry etc. but sea food usually take less time. Be sure to read the time carefully required by your recipe when using a microwave.
  6. If you drop the power, the microwave will take more time for cooking.
  7. If you are used to your simple oven, you can easily convert the temperature of simple oven into microwave temperature for a particular dish. Microwave on 100% power is about similar to 425 degree of simple oven and 50% power will be approximately equal to 350 degree oven.
  8. Always arrange food in the dish in such a way that thick parts come at edges and thinner in center. It will allow the heat to distribute properly. A dish with a cone in the centre is always recommended.
  9. Always cover the dish container with a lid or plastic wrapper.
  10. Always try to use as much fewer liquids as possible in the microwave. If milk and water is required for a dish, go for milk only.
  11. If you are going to make any dish using baking soda or other such ingredients, leave for some time to allow these agents to work properly before putting the dish into the microwave.
  12. You do not need to add oil for preventing food from sticking in the microwave oven because food does not stick in moist heat of the microwave.
  13. Cut all ingredients of a recipe in uniform size for uniform cooking.
  14. Spray your food or grease it with oil for crusty look on baked items.
  15. By adding low fat cheese and other topping at the end of cooking will prevent the top from becoming tough and soggy.
  16. 20% of microwave food is cooked after removing from microwave, so serve the food after 5 minutes from removing from microwave.
  17. Stay away while uncovering the dish taken out from microwave as hot steam comes out of the container first. Similarly use kitchen cloth or gloves for handling anything which comes out of the microwave.
  18. Flavour of herbs and spices is usually enhanced in the microwave, so always use them in less quantity then usual.
  19. Salt taste also increases in the microwave, so use it in lesser quantity.
  20. Always keep your microwave clean from inside. An untidy microwave can greatly affect your recipe.
  21. Always set the microwave at 1 minute for reheating your food.
  22. Never cover your dish container with aluminum foil as it produces sparkling.
  23. Microwave cooking is best for low fat cooking.
  24. Fats from food in the microwave can easily be drained away by placing food in microwave between two paper towels.

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