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Whether you are planning something for a holiday trip or a holiday party, healthy food should be preferred to make those times of joy, happy and healthy for you and your family. These are especially the times when good quality food should be consumed. The choice of food selection depends on the cook who is preparing snacks and meals for the family members. Following are some health tips which you should keep in mind when preparing holiday meals and their nutrient values.

Healthy Holiday Meal

  1. Guests should always be offered healthy food containing all the essential nutrients. Healthy food is one which has less fat contents, more protein contents as well as vitamins and minerals. Among fats, animal derived fats should be used in smaller amount. However vegetable based fats can be used comfortably without the fear of any harmful effects.
  2. Holiday meals do not mean eating a lot of oily food and fried stuff. This is the common concept among many people. They consider holiday meals, the times when maximum fried stuff, carbonated beverages and oily snacks can be consumed. This is a very wrong concept. Instead of fried fish, oily roasted food and potato chips, healthy additions can be made. These include fruit salads, boiled beans and whole grain crackers. Many good cooking utensils are also available in the market, which help in oil free preparation of meals. They help in preparing food with little or no oil at all.
  3. Frozen food is normally used by people during holiday parties as it saves time and can serve more people. However, frozen food is not the healthiest food to offer your guests and family. Frozen and packed food should be avoided as much as possible. One reason is that it contains high caloric values and fats. The other reason is that fresh foods provide nutrients in their best form that frozen goods can never give. In fact frozen foods lose their natural nutrients to a greater extent when compared with freshly prepared food.
  4. Sauces, pastes and dips should not be taken in the packed or tinned form. Although home made sauces take some time to prepare, their health value and nutrition is far better than market products. So, ketchup, sauces, dips and pastes made at home are healthy and nutritious.
  5. Vegetables should be added to holiday meals as much as possible. Lots of salads should be served with the food. Grilled and barbecued vegetables can add delicacy to the food.
  6. Fresh fruits and homemade fruit juices are a delicious and nutritious addition to holiday meals. They are especially good for kids as well as for old people. They provide them with energy and health, along with a number of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.
  7. Snacks and crackers are an important part of holiday mealtimes. Instead of serving roasted oily meat and fried chips, healthy snacks should be given to guests and family. These are fresh cream salads, whole grain crackers and roasted nuts.

The above tips can help to make holiday meals healthy and nutritious for your friends and family. Use them to make family time enjoyable on the holiday season.

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