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Milk is the richest source of calcium among all the foods. It is rightly labeled by the World Health Organization as a complete diet for people of all ages. Certain important health benefits as well as its nutrients are mentioned below:

Benefits of Milk

  1. Milk not only provides a rich source of calcium, but it contains 15 essential nutrients that help in growth and development of the body. Milk should be the first diet to be given from the initial years of a baby’s life to provide complete developmental benefits to the body.
  2. Milk is fortified with many essential vitamins these days. The most beneficial vitamin among these is vitamin D. It helps in the absorption of calcium and potassium. This promotes the activity of the bone forming cells, hence keeping the bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  3. Milk helps in the mental and physical development, so it should be added as an essential food of your daily diet. Growing children as well as old aged people require milk for the same benefits. Insufficient intake of milk leads to gradual destruction of the bone cells making the bones soft, pliable and more prone to fractures.
  4. Milk and its products restore the strength of bones and muscles. They provide the human body with a strong immune system and good musculature. They basically maintain the natural framework of the bones and body.
  5. Milk has a lot of advantages for patients with peptic ulcer as it coats the mucosa of stomach and protects it from the harmful effects of acidic substances. It forms a protective sheet over the stomach’s inner layer making it a shield to the harmful effects of acidic food.
  6. People of old age gradually start suffering different age related problems. Among them joint pains, deformed bones, arthritis and osteoporosis are very common. If at least one to two glasses of milk are taken by people of old age, many bone related problems can be avoided and prevented.
  7. Milk is an ideal diet for young girls as it reduces the severity of Pre menstrual symptoms. Females, who drink milk regularly, have less backache, depression and menstrual pains. A very important issue which is often ignored is that milk should especially be taken during the menstruation. This fulfils the need of the body during these days because the body needs extra energy as a great amount of calories are being consumed during this specific period of the cycle.
  8. Milk is a primary diet for pregnant and lactating mothers. It not only helps to alleviate health problems in mothers, but is equally beneficial for the neonates.
  9. Milk has many nutrients that help to keep skin, nails and hair shiny and beautiful. It has vitamin A, B6, biotin and potassium all of which work together to keep hair soft and shiny.
  10. Milk improves complexion, regulates body temperature, removes body aging factors and boosts the immune system.

Milk is considered wholesome food as it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals essential for the body. The fluid content in milk provides rehydration and can help the body replenish its liquids. This is why milk is extremely essential for growing kids and children. The presence of calcium and Vitamin D ensures healthy bones and teeth and Vitamins A and B help in good eyesight, increase RBC (Red Blood Cells) count, potassium helps in proper nerve function, magnesium helps in proper muscular function and phosphorous helps in proper energy release. The presence of proteins and carbohydrates in milk help in body repair and growth along with providing a good source of energy. So, milk should be added to the diet of every individual, whether a baby or toddler, old or young.

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