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No one can deny the importance of fresh fruits as they are an important part of any healthy diet. If you want to look fresh, young and stay healthy, we recommend you to add as much fruits in your daily diet as possible. Below you can find some of the health benefits our bodies get from fruits.
Fresh Fruits

  • Fruits are a great source of vitamins, fibers and other healthy nutrients.
  • Fruits are a rich source of phytonutrients including antioxidants, lutein, and flavanoids.
  • Fruits help to cure many diseases due to the presence of vitamins and nutrients in them.
  • Brighter colored fruits contain large amount of antioxidants which help in preventing cellular damage which is caused by free radicals present in our body.
  • Consume a large quantity of orange juice in your daily meals. It contains vitamin C which protects you from colon and prostate cancer. It also combats heart dieses like heart attack and strokes.
  • It is said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” because it contains flavanoids which protect you from many cancers and heart attacks.
  • Eating cranberries will reduce heart diseases and urinary infections.
  • If you want to look young for a long time eat apple and prunes. They help in preventing wrinkles. Taking these fruits with tea helps the anti – oxidants present in them to make your skin fight against aging associated with exposure to sun.
  • Berries and small fruits play important roles in keeping you healthy. They are helpful in age relating declines, heart related diseases and cancer. Doctors especially recommend strawberries and raspberries for protection from cancer.
  • Fruits with high amounts of potassium like bananas and oranges are very good for health especially for heart disease patients.
  • To make your bones more strong, eat fruits with sufficient quantity of potassium and magnesium.
  • Fruits also prevent many lung diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema.
  • Pineapples contain enzymes that help in breakdown of protein so they are very useful in food digestion.
  • Pineapple enzymes are also helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis and tissue repair as a result of injuries, diabetic ulcers and general surgery.
  • Mangoes are very helpful in stomach acidity.
  • One of the most medicinal fruit is grapes. They are used in several cures like tumour reduction; they help in blood purification, invigorate the immune system, and help in flesh recovery of cancer patients.
  • Sugar from grapes is easily digested and assimilated by the blood without tiring the digestive system.
  • Papayas help in cleaning the digestive tract. They also play a great role in maintaining the acid – alkaline balance of the body.
  • Peaches are very helpful if you are planning to lose weight.
  • Melons have an anti-clotting action on the blood and provide many mineral elements along with a large quantity of water.
  • Olive is especially recommended for tuberculosis and other chest infections as well as asthma.

With so many health benefits associated with fruits, do not forget to add at least two to three fruits in your daily diet for a healthy life.

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