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Acai or acia berries grow on large palm trees in the form of bunches. They are found in the form of beautiful bluish purple clusters hanging down from their trees. These are round, small purple berries with less pulp and large sized seed. They resemble blue berries, but are smaller than the blue berries or even cherries. This fruit has long been known for its countless health benefits. Some of the important benefits of this purple berry are mentioned below:


  1. These berries contain a large number of important nutrients locked in them. The most essential nutrients contained in these berries are amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, anti aging substances and many types of vitamins like vitamin A, D, B1 and E.
  2. Acai berries boost the energy levels of the human body and help in temperature regulations. They help the body to work more effectively and at a good metabolic rate. This property also helps to burn more fats and calories during this process. This in turn helps to solve many health related problems like obesity and weight gain.
  3. They improve the digestive properties of the body and hence enable sound sleep. This is because acai berries contain properties of fibres which help in maintaining good regulation of digestive processes.
  4. These berries are important sources of many vitamins, minerals and fibres, so they protect from many types of cancers and also obesity related problems. These cancers can be those of breasts, prostate, colon, rectal area, etc.
  5. Acai berries contain substances that cleanse and detoxify your body from all the harmful toxins, waste materials and poisons. This helps in the purifying process of the body. The berries also enable good activity of the various cells, tissues and body systems. In this way they slow down the aging process of the body. This property also helps in the removal of dead cells like those of skin. The dead skin cells shed off revealing new, young skin beneath. This new skin is healthier and shinier. This property also helps in the quick healing of the wounds. When wounds are healed at a faster rate, it helps the body to boost up its immune system.
  6.  This fruit has a great positive impact on the nervous system of the body. These berries improve the thinking, concentration and memory of the brain of a person. They improve the mental functions and also make you more focused in particular situations. This in turn also prevents mental disorders like dementia, complete memory loss and attention deficit syndromes.
  7. Acai berries also help prevent atherosclerosis; they improve circulation and keep the human heart healthy and energetic.
  8. They also have important medical values. They decrease and improve the inflammatory processes. In this way they help to make the wounds heal quickly and easily.
  9. They regulate the cholesterol levels preventing strokes and also alleviate diabetes by normalizing the glucose levels in the blood.
  10. These berries are extremely helpful in improving the eye sight of children and adults. Fresh homemade juice of these berries strengthens ocular muscles.
  11. Being rich in fibre and being helpful for increasing body’s metabolism, these berries are and ideal food for weight loss.
  12. It gives human body all the essential vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. This makes our body and mind, strong and healthy.

Due to all these health benefits, you must try to add acai berries to your diet in the form of juices, jams or in raw form.

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