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A well balanced and healthy vegetarian diet provides almost all the nutrients and minerals you will need as vegetables are a very good source of almost all the important nutrients and minerals required by the human body. Vegetarians should be well-aware of how to get the maximum energy from their vegetarian diets. Below you will find tips to get the best nutrition out of your vegetables.
Vegetarian Diet

  • Vegetarians should be very conscious if they are taking the proper amount of proteins in their diet or not. Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients needed by the body. Certain green leafy vegetables and legumes are better sources of proteins than the others, so these vegetables should be added in any vegetarian diet and taken in more quantity. Examples of these protein rich foods are lentils, pulses, beans, chickpeas, brown rice and nuts.
  • Like proteins, iron is also an equally important mineral needed by the human body. Vegetables can provide sufficient quantity of iron as well. Iron helps in the proper functioning of liver, pancreas and also keeps hair, nails and skin, strong and healthy. Vegetables that are very rich in iron are spinach, cabbage, celery, soy, and tofu. However, coffee or tea should be taken at least 3 hours before meals, as it decreases the absorption of iron. Citrus fruits and berries also hinder its absorption as they contain vitamin C.
  • Calcium is equally important for kids, old people and young adults. Calcium makes bones and teeth strong and healthy. It also makes the skin look younger and fresher. Vegetables and fruits which are rich in calcium are sesame seeds, fortified orange juice, almonds, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, carrots and broccoli. Milks of certain vegetarian foods are also very healthy and good. These include rice milk and soy milk. Soups of many vegetables like cabbage can be a good source of calcium as well.
  • Vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 is easily available in various vegan foods like seaweeds, corals and nutritional yeast. But vegetarians should take vitamin supplements as well to get the right quantity of essential vitamins. These supplements should not be taken everyday as taking them once a week can fulfil the requirement.

Vegetarian diets protect the human body from several health related risks. They help to reduce cholesterol, excess lipids and extra fats from the body. Vegetables also have antioxidant properties, so they help to remove toxic materials from the body. A vegetarian diet prevents cancers of colon, prostate, breast and rectal area. Smokers should take extra vegetables in their diet than non-smokers, because many nutrients work slower in smokers’ bodies. So, smoking should be quitted in the first place and apart from that, more vegetables and grains should be added in the diet.

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