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The most important and sensitive time that comes in a woman’s life is when she expects a baby. During the entire pregnancy period, one needs to be extremely careful about the diet plan. During pregnancy, the mother and fetus both require more nutrition, so a proper schedule for taking meals must be followed. Normally, doctors also guide pregnant women about how they must take care of their meals throughout the day. Here are a few tips on meal planning and cooking for pregnant women.

Meal Planning for Pregnant Women

Tips for Pregnant Women

  1. While maintaining a schedule, try to add all the nutritious vegetables and fruits available in that season.
  2. As meat and chicken are available all over the year, add a sufficient quantity of all these to the diet plan.
  3. A proper balance must be created among the food items that are to be taken.
  4. Liquids in the form of fresh juices, milk or milk shakes are also very useful during pregnancy. By taking fresh juices, all the nutrition in the fruit immediately gets digested by the body.
  5. Taking fruits in their raw form seems a bit boring to some women. For all those, fruit juices are a refreshing alternative.
  6. Water intake must be increased to fulfill the requirements of both you and the unborn baby.
  7. Dairy food items have great nutrition embedded in them. Milk, cheese and butter; all provide different health benefits to the expectant mother.
  8. Milk is very important for pregnant women and also for the developing baby. These days flavored milk is available in all the foremost markets. Milk shakes also are a good option.
  9. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food must be taken in a ratio that it should cover all the requirements of the body. Your diet should have a variety to provide all sorts of nourishment.
  10. Women who have high blood pressure, must be very careful about their diet during pregnancy. Salt and egg create possibilities of high blood pressure and should be avoided during pregnancy.
  11. It is also noted that some women who have normal glucose level before pregnancy, experience an increase in their glucose level during pregnancy. It sometimes reaches to a point where it becomes very dangerous for the baby. In those cases, keep a regular check on the glucose level throughout the pregnancy period and avoid taking excess of sugar.
  12. Even after the pregnancy, do not start taking excess of sugar or salt; in fact increase the intake gradually.
  13. Everyone in the world can have allergies with certain food items. Some people cannot take raw onions in the salad, some cannot take lemon and peanut allergy is also very common. So pregnant women must stay away from foods which can cause allergy.
  14. During pregnancy try to avoid over cooked and spicy foods because they are considered to have less sustenance.
  15. For all those women who find eating difficult during the pregnancy period, take small meals after short intervals. For example, take something after every two hours.

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