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Say citrus! There’s a sparkle to the word. The tongue tingles in anticipation of the first rush of juice, of the tarty fizz and its slow honeyed aftermath.

Citrus Fruit Juices

Colours like lemon yellow, lime green and tangerine and the whole tonal scale of orange (from blood red to dull ochre) make up for the spectrum of the citrus. Citrus fruits provide you with the life saving and body repairing micro nutrient, vitamin C and hence are a dietary constituent included in most diet plans. Vitamin C is the nerve vitamin, one that keeps you going despite the germs, virus and the pollution. It is the healing vitamin and helps the body in building new tissue, thus helping in body repair when injured.


When oranges are not squeezed for juice they are eaten by the dozens, especially in the season. But again some people don’t flirt with the orange much in their kitchens, except for using the zest to flavour desserts. Oranges pack vitamin C enough to rewrite the adage to “An orange a day keeps the doctor away”. All you got to do is add an orange to your breakfast, and start the day pepped up with vitamin C. You can also include any other citrus fruit juices like orange juice or grapefruit juice in your diet by taking them anytime during the day. Remember, that fresh fruit juices are the healthiest as they are natural and without any preservatives.

Oranges are seasonal treats and though they are very popular as a dessert fruit, they are increasingly becoming a part of our daily diets. Most oranges have a very short life approximately two weeks. They tend to shrivel up and become dull brown as they spoil. Wrapping different fruits in tissue paper helps in preservation.


There’s hardly a household nowadays that sees the day through without the squeeze of a lemon. The lemon is most susceptible to frost than any other citrus fruit. Sweet lime is mildly sweet and has practically no acidic content. The aroma of citrus fruits comes from the oils present in the rind. Lemon and orange zest is liberally used as flavouring agents in various recipes and are also used in a variety of pickles. Many methods of pickling are aimed at preserving vitamin C, that can be destroyed whenever lemon is steamed, boiled or sautéed. A good bit is also lost when the cut surface is exposed to air.

Lemons can be preserved by putting them in airtight jars with heavy porcelain crocks and stone containers.


A grapefruit is rich in ascorbic acid and thiamine and has a bitter taste but one cannot ignore the vast amount of vitamin C it contains. Grapefruit juice is included in most diet plans as drinking its juice (without sugar) first thing in the morning helps in fat reduction. As for its preservation it is best to use this fruit as soon as possible. If it is exposed to air for sometime the peel might become brown in colour and might lose its original flavour. If cut, it is advisable to use within 10-15mins as chances are that it will soon go stale.

Remember fruits are rich in vitamins but if exposed to air, can rapidly lose their vitamin content. Stale or cut vegetables have low vitamin C content. Many fruits and vegetables contain an enzyme called the ascorbic acid oxidase that destroys vitamin C. Therefore, to preserve the vitamin C content while cooking vegetables, it is advisable to bring them quickly to a high temperature in a short time in order to destroy this enzyme.

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