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Green vegetables provide almost all the essential nutrients to the body. They contain not only the vital nutrients, but also the minor components like magnesium, calcium, iron and many trace elements along with fibre. Some of the important health benefits of adding green vegetables to your diet are mentioned below:

Leafy Green Vegetables

  1. These days brain damage is becoming an increasing problem all over the world. Green vegetables are a rich source of substances that improve the nervous system of the body. Hence, people of all ages should eat lots of vegetables to prevent themselves from memory losses and problems of forgetfulness. Vegetables contain nutrients that not only improve memory, but also prevent attention deficit disorders. These problems are especially evident in young children who are school going and need to concentrate on their work. So, vegetables should be added in daily diets of growing children as they are good for their bodies and minds.
  2. Green vegetables contain high quantity of calcium and various vitamins. This helps to make bones strong and help in the better development of the body. Calcium provides a good framework to the body, preventing many diseases of teeth and gums. It prevents from denture misalignments, plaques, rotten teeth and similar problems. Growing children especially need vegetables in large amount to provide them with good quantity of calcium for their better growth and development and strong bones and teeth.
  3. These days people are facing a lot of anxiety and joints related disorders. Vegetables containing magnesium prevent many such disorders like depression, attention deficit disorders, muscle cramps, asthma, etc. They also help in improving joint conditions when a person is getting old. They also prevent many age related diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, softening of bones, easy fractures, etc.
  4. Vegetables also contain good quantity as well as good quality of proteins known as “vegetable protein”. This is different from amino acids present in animal proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. They provide bulk and strength to the muscular system. Proteins are equally important for children and adults. This group of vegetables is especially important for vegans. People who take all their nutrients from vegetables are usually worried about their protein intake. They think that they should take protein bars and protein shakes to fulfil the protein needs of their body, but in reality this is not true. Vegetables like beans, peas, carrots, celery, and spinach have a high content of proteins in them.
  5. Green leafy vegetables are equally important for good vision and eye health. They help maintain vision health and play a major role in preventing major damage to the eye. They also protect the eye from the harmful effects of blue and ultraviolet radiations which can cause macular degeneration.
  6. Green vegetables help in the regulation of body temperature. They promote good metabolic rate of the body.
  7. Vegetables are also rich sources of many vitamins and minerals. These vitamins provide the body a better immune system and a healthy heart. This helps to prevent high cholesterol levels in the blood, and hence prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  8. Green leafy vegetables also have a high fibre content, which helps to promote wave like contractions in the intestines to help the food to move. Fibre in the intestines absorbs water, making the stools softer and bulkier, easing the passage of waste. This helps to prevent constipation and other digestive tract disorders such as colon cancer. Fibre is also very important in treating irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.

All kinds of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables have many health related benefits. So, fresh, cooked, fried and boiled vegetables should be added in daily diet regimens.


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