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Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen is considered as an important area of the house where utmost attentiveness and careful action is required. It is a place where you get juicy, creamy and spicy food, and where you also have to deal with sharp knives, burning fire and hot utensils. A small carelessness might cause big damage.

Here are some very basic and primary tips, which if kept in mind, will help improve kitchen safety and at the same time you will enjoy your cooking.

  1. When you are cooking, it is best that you should only cook rather than watching TV or doing other household chores along.
  2. Never leave food on the stove unattended.
  3. Keep all the utensils, spices and other kitchen related material in order for easy access.
  4. After using an ingredient, put it back in its proper place, so that you can have it on time, if you require it again.
  5. Never ever make a mistake of keeping any pesticide or other chemicals along with any edibles.
  6. The cabinet containing pesticides, drain cleaners or other chemicals should always be at the bottom of other cabinets, so if ever leakage takes place, they may not mix up with food items.
  7. If you ever use any chemical or poison in your kitchen for cleaning or killing bugs etc, close the lid properly and immediately wash hands with soap.
  8. While working in the kitchen if any liquid spills on the floor, clean it immediately or someone might slip over it.
  9. Always use a dustbin in the kitchen for putting away litter. Never let it scatter on counters and kitchen floor.
  10. Clear the kitchen garbage every day.
  11. Never let dishes unwashed over the night. It produces germs and bad smell in the kitchen.
  12. Never dispose off remaining food into the dishwashing sink since this will block your sink.
  13. If you have any electric plugs near your dishwashing sink, avoid using them as there is a chance that water may spill on them and cause an incident.
  14. Keep different cleaning clothes for different cleaning purposes; for the stove use a different cleaning cloth, for dishes use a separate cloth and for shelves and counters use a different cleaning cloth.
  15. Wear an apron when cooking food to avoid your clothes from getting dirty.
  16. Never keep any edibles uncovered in the kitchen.
  17. Try not to allow small kids to enter the kitchen while you are cooking.
  18. While cutting vegetables and fruits use a sharp knife and perform your task slowly and carefully.
  19. Keep all knives and forks at a safe place all the time, like in a drawer or wrapped in some cloth or towel to avoid any accidental cuts.
  20. While cooking, always keep the stove at moderate heat.
  21. Never touch or try to carry hot pots with naked hands. Always use kitchen napkins for this purpose.
  22. Never put any hot dish directly into the refrigerator.
  23. Before using any utensils in the microwave, make sure that it is recommended for microwave use and the utensils are dry.
  24. Never keep expired food material in the kitchen. There are chances that small children might eat them or you accidentally use them in your cooking.
  25. Always keep eggs, raw meat and seafood refrigerated.
  26. Always turn off the stove before leaving the kitchen.
  27. Keep all electric appliances on a counter or shelf, away from any moisture and water source.
  28. Keep your chopping boards and utensils clean, and when cutting meat and vegetables, do not cut them on the same board without washing the board.
  29. Keep all house pets out of the kitchen at all times.
  30. Regularly clean your kitchen cabinets and cupboards as well as the refrigerator and get rid of rotten vegetables or fruits.

These are some of the very important steps that one should always keep in mind while entering the kitchen and making your meal time always happy.

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