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Most of us are familiar with the phrase “cooking is a science and applied as an art”. Like any art, of course cooking also has some tactics and tricks which if followed properly, will make cooking a lot easier and faster for you. Following are some golden tips that one should follow while cooking food.

Cooking Tips

  1. You should be completely prepared for what you are going to cook. All the required ingredients and utensils should be available for what you want to cook. If you are following a recipe, go over it a few times to make sure you are well prepared for it.
  2. If the ingredients require any pre work e.g. chopping, slicing, thawing etc. or any other cooking techniques, it should be done before you start cooking.
  3. Sometimes you may prefer cooking two dishes at a time to save time. Check out if you require similar ingredients for both to save time.
  4. Use utensils according to the requirements of your dish. If you need a big dish, do not start preparing in a small one and then inverting in a large dish.
  5. If you are required to fry some thing, pre-heat the wok before putting your ingredients in oil. Similarly according to the required temperature of your dish, pre- heat the oven as well.
  6. Never touch a pot with naked hands while on the burning stove. Always use a kitchen cloth for safety purposes. Follow these kitchen safety tips to avoid problems in the kitchen.
  7. Try to use plastic gloves while cutting ingredients. It will prevent rashes or burning from ingredients like green chili.
  8. While cooking many dishes at the same time, start with the dish, which according to you will take the most time.
  9. Try to use non stick utensils in your kitchen. It helps in making cooking more convenient and also decreases the quantity of oil usage.
  10. Keep the fire of the burner at a moderate level while cooking.
  11. Never compromise with your ingredients in a particular recipe. Never use cheap products. Always use fresh products and check for expires on shelf items before using them.
  12. Cut the ingredients especially vegetables in small pieces. It will allow sauces to merge into pieces faster, and will allow the taste to come out properly.
  13. Always wash or clean vegetables, fruits and herbs properly before using.
  14. Before removing your pan or dish from the stove, turn off the burner.
  15. Try to avoid too much oil and spices in your dish.
  16. If you are cooking two things together like meat and vegetables, start cooking the ingredient which will take more time than the other and then mix in the second one.
  17. Never over cook the food. This leads to loss of nutrients and makes food unhealthy.
  18. If you are using any frozen vegetables, do not defrost them in a microwave oven. Simply put it under running water for five minutes.
  19. While cooking, constantly stir the food, especially if you are preparing sauces. If you are frying something, change sides frequently for an even golden color or when one side is properly done.
  20. If you want to grill the food make sure the grill is properly clean.

Stay tuned for some more cooking tips in the next blog post!

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