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Kid’s parties are usually birthday parties or a fancy dress party with a theme. Children usually love to play with their age mates rather then focusing on food. But still if you want to arrange a party, make sure that no one goes hungry from your kids party. Moreover, the best party is one where not a single kid burst into tears. And it is possible only when your kid party contains interesting games with yummy food. Here are some tips to plan great food for your kids party.

Childrens Party Food

  1. Do not go for very complicated recipes. Keep the food simple.
  2. Include more sweet dishes in a kid party as kids love sweet dishes more then other food.
  3. Make that food item whose left over can be used after ward as there is a chance that some food may remain uneaten.
  4. Add more snacks in kid parties. Snacks are easily eaten by kids and take less time in making.
  5. Do not just have cake and ice cream for your kids party. Only sweet things make them irritated.
  6. Kids usually pay more attention towards games and gifts, so try to incorporate treats in games, like giving clue for finding treat.
  7. Time of the day also helps to decide which type of food items should be included in the party. If your party is at dinner, never rely just on cake and snacks. Go for some tummy filling foods like pizza or patties.
  8. If your kid party is based on some theme, serve food according to the theme. Like for a tea party and Mexican Fiesta, food should support your theme.
  9. Before making a list of the food items, check how much your wallet allows you to spend on food. Depending on that you can buy food from outside or can prepare at home. Preparing food at home is cheaper than buying from the restaurant.
  10. All food items should be completely prepared before the start of the party. Kids need you in party rather in the kitchen.
  11. Prefer making food at home. But if you are afraid that some thing would get spoilt by you, order food from a fast food restaurant, instead of giving kids bad mouth taste.
  12. Make food a little more than required. There are chances that some parents may stay with their kid or you have really invited some food lovers.
  13. Plan 2 drinks for each kid, because while playing, kids consume a lot of beverage.
  14. Write the names of every kid on his glass so that everyone uses only his glass every time.
  15. Any kids party is incomplete without a cake. The cake topping should be according to the theme of the party, and always prefer using light colour for topping than dark colours like red.
  16. You can bake cupcakes for kids party at home and decorate them with icings and chocolate balls.
  17. Avoid making dishes with large quantity of sauces. Kids spill sauces on their clothes.
  18. Take out ice cream from the crate and put it in cups before starting the party. Decorate cups with fruit toppings and some biscuits.
  19. Serve kids with water melon, straw berry or pine apple chunks from time to time during the party.
  20. Kids are very choosy when it comes to drinks. So make sure you add variety to the beverages like milk, juices, lemonade, water and soft drink, so kids can have a drink of their own choice.

It is important that you add healthy foods to your kids’ party also, and you can do this by adding vegetables, fruits and natural juices wherever possible. For example, you can serve fruits with ice cream and desserts.

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