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To learn successful cooking, it is essential to learn different cooking techniques that are commonly used by cooking schools, chefs and cookbook authors worldwide. Learning these basic cooking techniques will not only make cooking fun for you, but you will be able to complete your cooking projects with ease.

Basic Cooking Techniques

The most commonly used techniques in cooking are listed below:

Cutting refers to breaking food into smaller chunks, usually uniform in shape, such as vegetables, meat or making mince.

Chopping is a term used to refer to cut foods into pieces, such as cubes. Chopping is different from cutting by being a larger cut and it generally does not have to be uniform.

Sautéing is a cooking technique which means to fry food at moderate heat until it is soft and light golden brown.

Roasting refers to cooking in large amount of fats. The term usually applies on large parts of meat or joints but can also be used for vegetables.

Frying is the process of cooking food in oil and involves different methods including deep frying, shallow frying and stir frying.

Deep frying is the process of immersing food in large amount of fat or oil until the food cooks properly at moderate heat. However it is not recommended by dieticians as it is not good for health due to the high fat content.

Stir frying is to cook in a small amount of oil similar to sauté; the oil should be sufficient enough to cover the surface of the pan. This technique of cooking is used to soften the food. The technique is specially used in Chinese cuisine to stir fry vegetables.

Shallow frying requires frying food in pre-heated oil sufficient enough to cover one quarter to half of the ingredient (e.g fish/ poultry) being fried.

Barbecuing is the technique of cooking meat over red hot coals or a barbecue grill. The food is placed on barbecue braces just 8-10 cm over the hot coals to cook it quickly.

Poaching is cooking food in shallow water over a low flame.

Steaming means cooking food in the steam of boiling water. Water is filled into a steamer up to the marked level with a hot plate on the lid. The steamer is then put on high heat till water starts to boil. You can then put the vegetables or meat on the hot plate on the lid till it is cooked. For steaming, water should not be present in very large quantity and heat must be continuous all the time. Steaming preserves and promotes nutrients of food and is a highly recommended cooking technique. In case of excess water evaporation from the streamer before the food is tender and thoroughly cooked; replenish steamer with additional hot water supply.

Simmering involves cooking in liquids over a low heat till bubbling gently.

Boiling is the process of cooking liquids over moderate to high heat till bubbling rapidly.

Baking deals with cooking of various types of foods in an oven.

Blanching or parboiling is a unique method of cooking that is used to soften the food and also to stop it from going brown. It requires you to dip the food in boiling water for a little time which can then be transferred to chilled or iced water if required. This is mostly used to help get rid of bacteria and any other impurities on the food.

Broiling means to brown or toast the tops of food under direct high heat. Food must be kept 4-6 inches away from the source of heat.

Grilling is a method of quick cooking under radiant heat. This technique for cooking is about preheating the grill and placing vegetables, meat or food on a grill pan that must be 7-9 cm below the heating source. This is the best way to cook or soft vegetables.

Braising is a cooking technique in which the main ingredient seared or browned in fat and then simmered in liquid on low heat in a covered pot.

Whipping Cream

Whipping is the process of beating an ingredient vigorously, such as cream or eggs, to incorporate air until frothy.

Stewing is the process of cooking meat or vegetables by heating them slowly with oil and moisture in a tightly sealed or covered container.

Kneading is a term used for mixing dough by stretching and folding to help form gluten in the flour.

These are some of the basic cooking techniques and mastering them is easy. However, there are other specific cooking techniques which are specific to certain cuisines, like French, Italian, Chinese, Indian etc. By learning these basic cooking techniques, you can become a good cook and you will be able to handle most recipes.

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