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Even minor mistakes while cooking can ruin our whole effort. Usually these mistakes take place unconsciously. Here is a list of top ten mistakes that usually take place while cooking which you can avoid. Get familiar with these cooking mistakes and make sure you never repeat them in the kitchen.

  1. Always use pots and dishes after washing them properly – Even if the pots and dishes are already clean, make your habit to use utensils after washing them again. You don’t need to wash them again with soap. Just place them under running water before using. There are chances that while you placed your washed dishes at night in the kitchen, an insect might have passed through. So never use unwashed pots or utensils to cook food.
  2. Use sharp knives – Always use a sharp knife to cut vegetables but never use extra ordinary sharp knives in the kitchen. While cutting anything with a knife, be very careful. Also, buy proper knives for your kitchen to do different tasks, like cutting vegetables etc. Using a fruit knife to cut vegetables is not correct.
  3. Pre-heat oil – If you are going to fry something in oil, pre heat the oil and then add the ingredients in it. If you add food in cool oil, the food will absorb more oil and become soggy and the desired crisp results will not be attained. Similarly, if you are going to boil something in water, wait till the water reaches its boiling point and then add the particular food ingredients in it.
  4. Never cook on high temperature – It is strongly recommended that if you want to eat healthy food, always cook food on moderate heat. If you cook food on very high temperature, food usually becomes ready from outside and remains uncooked from inside. This usually leads to food poisoning especially in case of meat. If you cook food on low temperature, all the juices come out of food instead of locking inside. These juices then evaporate while cooking and you will not get the desired taste.
  5. Always go for better ingredients – While shopping for cooking, always go for fresh vegetables and fruits. Never buy any fruit or vegetable which is wrinkled or leafy vegetables which are wilted. Similarly never buy a smelly fish. Go for fresh meat instead of frozen meat. However, it is better to buy frozen turkey then a fresh one, if you are not going to cook it on the same day. Never compromise on cheap food ingredients.
  6. Brine meat before cooking – It is always helpful to brine pork, chicken and turkey before cooking. This process not only infuses water and some salt into the meat but also prevents meat from drying as it cooks which mostly happens with lean meat.
  7. Use fresh spices – We usually buy grounded spices and use them for a long time. During this time most of the spices lose there prime quality. It is better that one should buy whole spices than ground spices. There are two reasons behind it. First of all whole spices are cheaper in cost as compared to ground spices and secondly when ever you will grind whole spices, you will have fresh spices, which you must use within six months. Never use very old spices or any spice about which you feel has lost its prime quality. Also follow our tips on buying and storing herbs and spices.
  8. While cooking, only cook – It is common with most of us that while cooking we always try to do other chores as well, like cleaning, dusting or watching TV. Never do that. While cooking, keep your whole focus on cooking. It will not only give better results in food, but also save you from many accidents.
  9. Never touch a hot utensil with naked hands – Always use mittens or kitchen clothes for this purpose. Similarly while using the micro wave; always use a cloth for taking pots out of the oven. It is good to keep different kitchen clothes for different purposes.
  10. Turn off the burner before removing the pan from it – This will save you from burning your arm and hands or the cloth which you use to move the utensil while removing. Similarly always turn off the burner before leaving the kitchen as well. Also, most foods keep on cooking for a while when you remove them from the flame, so it is always a good idea to turn off the burner before removing the pan.

Follow these tips to avoid blunders in the kitchen. Also check our cooking tips to brush up your cooking skills.

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