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Everyone loves to enjoy a tender, juicy and well cooked steak but every one cannot cook a great steak. Unlike other cooking techniques, steak cooking needs a little professional touch. If you do not know the technique properly, you are surely going to ruin a good piece of meat. Here are some great tips that will help you to fulfill your steak cooking wish easier to come true.

How to Cook Steaks

  1. Red meat and white meat steaks require different time and attention. Be sure to know which meat and which method you are going to select before you start cooking.
  2. For red meat, best parts for steaks are top lion or filet mignon.
  3. Take meat out of the refrigerator only 30 minutes before you start cooking your steaks.
  4. If meat is freeze, defrost it at room temperature first.
  5. Never go for microwave defrosting. It will ruin your meat to make steak.
  6. For seasoning, only use salt and pepper on both side of meat. Never go for too many ingredients for seasoning purpose.
  7. After seasoning, marinade steaks with your favourite sauces to enhance the flavour. You can either buy a sauce from the market or prepare it by your self by following a particular recipe.
  8. If you are thinking of grilling your steaks, pre-heat the grid for 10 minutes.
  9. Your oven or grid should be preheated up to 250 degrees.
  10. Before putting your steaks on the grid make sure that it is well heated. This will prevent juices from leaking out of steaks.
  11. Clean the grid properly before placing steaks on it. Oiling the grid lightly before placing the steaks will prevent them from sticking with the grid.
  12. Do not cook your steaks on very high heat as the outside of the steak will be cooked or get burnt while the inside will remain uncooked.
  13. Thin steaks take less time and can be cooked on high heat but thick steaks take more time, so cook them on medium heat for proper cooking.
  14. If you are cooking steaks in a pan, instead of oiling the pan, oil the steaks properly.
  15. Never touch steaks while they are being cooked unless you want to turn it over. This affects texture as well as the flavour of steaks, so turn them only once while cooking.
  16. For turning over a steak, never use a fork or knife. Always use a tong and properly handle the steak so that it does not slip while handling.
  17. To check whether steaks are prepared, never cut them with a fork or knife, as that will let juices leak from steak. Simply touch the steak with your finger tip in the middle. If it does not bounce back, it still needs to cook more but if you observe a little bounce, your steak is ready.
  18. If your grid has a lid, place steaks on it and cover it with the lid. Similarly, after turning over again cover the grid with lid. This will enhance the smell of your barbecue.
  19. After removing steaks from fire, let it rest for 10 minutes before serving. It will allow the juices to distribute properly in the meat and enhance the flavour.
  20. Always lay the table with sharp knives and warm plates for your steak meal.

Use these tips to help you in preparing steaks and enjoy juicy, tender steaks every time.

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