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Beef, also called as “red meat” is tough meat as compared to chicken and pork. Moreover, different parts of red meat require different temperature and method for perfect cooking. Here are some general tips to help you cook beef easily. Once you get familiar with these tips, you will get familiar with how to cook roast beef and how to make steaks.

Beef Cooking Tips

  1. If you want to grill, broil or pan fry your meat, select rib eye steaks, strip or shell steaks, T bone, which contains the strip and tenderloin steaks, sirloin and round steaks.
  2. Top sirloin, tenderloin, standing rib roasts, and top rump roast are best for roasting.
  3. For stir frying, flank, top round, and sirloin steaks are good.
  4. Tenderloin is the best part for making kebabs.
  5. Never choose a recipe that over comes the original taste of beef.
  6. For best results, always cook beef at a low temperature in marinades.
  7. Marinade should cover meat properly for effective working.
  8. For marinating beef, put it in the refrigerator.
  9. Never marinade beef in a metallic bowl. Use a glass or wood bowl.
  10. Do not reuse left over marinade again as it contains bacteria due to contact with raw meat.
  11. Never defrost beef in the microwave.
  12. Never cook beef which is not fully defrost as the outside will cook while the inner part will remain uncooked.
  13. While cooking beef, control the temperature and time of cooking for good results.
  14. Trim extra fat attached to beef to reduce fat quantity.
  15. Preheat your pan or grid before you place meat on it.
  16. Once in the pan, never touch meat again until a crust is formed. Only touch the meat to turn over the piece.
  17. Always use a tong for turning over instead of a knife or fork.
  18. Cook beef until its temperature reaches 160 degree to kill all bacteria present in it.
  19. Never overcook beef as it will make it tough and dry.
  20. Sear your beef before roasting to lock all juices inside.
  21. Always remove meat from fire a little before time to prevent overcooking because it will continue to cook after removing from stove for some time.
  22. Start carving 5 minutes after removing from fire. This will let the juices settle thoroughly in meat and make carving easier without losing juices.
  23. Always use a sharp knife for carving.
  24. Never start carving in the roasting pan or oven pan. Place the meat on a cutting board and then start carving.
  25. Prevent contact of any food material with raw beef as it contains harmful bacteria.
  26. Place beef at room temperature only when you are about to cook it, as otherwise it will increase the growth of harmful bacteria.
  27. Never refreeze beef which is once defrost.
  28. Place a rack in the pan or baking dish before putting it in the oven and place beef on it to drain extra fats.
  29. Fats from the surface of beef soups, stews or sauces can be skimmed before serving.
  30. Cooked hamburger patties should be place between two paper towel and pressed to absorb all extra grease.

Use these beef cooking tips to make roasts, stews, and steaks. Be sure to go through out tips for making steaks. These tips will also come in handy in a lot of recipes given on our web site. Try the great recipes listed on our website to cook roast beef and enjoy healthy and delicious meals with your family.

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