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Deep frying food is a very common cooking technique. Spice loving people have more inclination towards eating deep fried food as food that is deep fried is generally marinated with spices. In preparing fast food, deep frying is often done.

Deep frying is also considered harmful for health due to the high absorption of oils during the frying process. Apart from this, special care is required while deep frying food. One must be very careful not to accidentally touch the oil because it can cause burns to the skin.

Deep Fry Cooking

Tips for Deep Frying

  1. The quality of the frying pan must be taken care of. A low standard surface of the pan adds harmful impurities to the oil during the heating process.
  2. The oil that is to be used for frying must be clean, fresh and of an excellent quality. Low quality oils are extremely harmful for health.
  3. Mustard oil and olive oil are often recommended for frying due to their high nutritional value.
  4. While buying oil for frying, demand for the one that is less absorbent.
  5. When adding food to the wok of heated oil, carefully slide the pieces to avoid splattering.
  6. During deep frying, keep a constant check on the heat. It must be at a medium level and should not burn the oil. As the oil starts burning quickly, be very reactive while deep frying. As soon as the oil reaches a higher temperature, slow down the heat.
  7. Do not use the same oil again and again for frying. Use less at a time and replace with new oil for next time. However, you can reuse the oil more than once, but make sure it has not gone bad.
  8. Preheat the oil before deep frying. If the oil is not heated properly before, it would make the food soggy, oily and less crispy.
  9. While frying something recently taken out from the refrigerator, remember to thaw and bring its temperature to normal before frying.
  10. Do not leave the frying pan unattended as it might create problems. Keep turning the pieces to avoid burning.
  11. Never over fill the pan as it would not allow the food to cook properly and there might be a danger of spilling.
  12. Give more frying time to non vegetarian food as it requires more time to cook.
  13. Sprinkling flour on the food before frying makes it crispier.
  14. During frying, put a pinch of salt to the oil. Salt also helps in making the food crispier and tastier.
  15. Always try to cut the food into small pieces for frying as it reduces the cooking time.
  16. After frying, put the fried pieces on a piece of absorbent paper so that it would absorb all the extra oil. Then move it to your serving dish. This would help maintain its crispiness and save your serving dish to be oil free.
  17. Be very careful if the food is required to be washed before frying. Dry it completely before frying. This is for your own safety.
  18. If you are using an electric deep fryer, make sure you keep all crumbs out of the fryer. If you are in a habit of regularly using the fryer, make sure you clean it often and keep it spotless. Remember to cover the fryer properly when not in use.

Do take care of all the above mentioned points while deep frying. You can also check out other cooking techniques on our blog.

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