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Presenting food in a good manner adds a lot to its importance among other dishes. Cooking experts always remain in a search to find new ways of cooking and presenting food. Using skewers for grilling food is also an effort done in this manner. Wood and metal skewers are used these days to grill food. Small pieces of vegetables, chicken, fish or meat are cut and skewed over the skewers. Skewers are generally of two shapes; round or square. These shapes are available in the form of sticks. Cooking food in this way; by skewing over the sticks makes it look more appealing. Here are a few tips for using skewers while cooking.

Cooking with Skewers

Tips for using Skewers

  1. Prefer using metal skewers than wooden ones. Reason behind is that food can easily and finely be taken off from metal skewers. Wooden skewers create difficulties at this point.
  2. When buying skewers, always try to go for square shaped sticks rather than round shaped. The square shaped skewers are found to be more grabbing than rounded ones.
  3. If wooden skewers are used, soak them in water for at least half an hour to make them absorb the water. This would result in keeping the skewers moist and the sticks would not burn while cooking.
  4. If metal skewers are used, grease them with some vegetable oil before skewing anything on them. This would keep the food crisp and adds taste to the food and also allows the food to be easily removed from the skewer.
  5. Never forget to leave a little space while skewing food on the metal skewers. This allows the air to escape.
  6. Contrary to the previous point, do not leave any space while using wooden skewers because it would result in burning the small pieces.
  7. Pieces should be cut in equal sizes to avoid variation in their cooking time or taste.
  8. While putting the pieces on the skewers, keep in mind the cooking time of every kind of food to be used. For example, chicken or meat or fish would take more time than the vegetables so do not skew them on the same sticks otherwise the vegetables would be over cooked or completely burned.
  9. Another technique to avoid burning is that of partially cooking the food that takes more time to prepare. By doing this, all the different types of food on a single stick would take equal time to be completely cooked.
  10. Always marinade the cuts of meat used for skewers to tenderize it. Use vinegar or lemon juice in the marinade.
  11. Keep sprinkling drops of water or oil if the pieces seem to be drying up on the grill.
  12. In order to decrease the cooking time and to make the food spicier, sprinkle lemon juice instead of simple water.
  13. Be very careful while handling the skewers after they are put on the grill. Use tongs for this purpose and avoid burning your hands.
  14. When turning the sides of the skewers put them in a way as the pieces must not be touched directly to avoid them from falling or breaking.
  15. You can always try new things when cooking with skewers, like adding a few slices of fruit to grill them, such as pineapples or peaches.
  16. When the cooking is complete, serve immediately.

Follow these tips for cooking with skewers to get tasty and delicious results. Try preparing a skewered meal tonight and enjoy with your family. If you are new to skewer cooking, you may find it a bit challenging in the beginning, but with a little practice, you will become a pro in no time!

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