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Nowadays it has become very difficult to please children with food of their taste. Keeping them busy in interesting activities has become a great task for mothers. The best way to make their time fun and learning is to take them to the kitchen and allow them for simple doings. It is often seen that children demand to prepare something in the kitchen and show great interest in handling cooking utensils. Kitchen utensil sets for kids are also available in the market and children, especially girls play and enjoy them.

Cooking with Children

Making children eat is also a challenge for mothers and at times is a great problem. But if they are given the opportunity to prepare something of their own, they can be asked to eat simultaneously. Here are a few tips for cooking with children.

Tips for Cooking with Kids

  1. When taking children to the kitchen, make sure that no sharp or dangerous utensil or tool is in the reach of children. Be sure to read up on other kitchen safety tips.
  2. Keep the kitchen clean and decorate it in a way that it attracts children to stay and work there.
  3. If the height of the child is small, it is better to place a cloth on the floor and put all the required material on it. This will make handling easier for the child. You can also use a small stool if the child insists to work on the kitchen counter.
  4. Make the children clean the skin of vegetables as that is easy for them to deal with. Provide them with plastic knives instead of metal ones.
  5. Boiled vegetables and fruits are also simple for them to deal with. Make them cut the vegetables and fruits into small pieces so that they can eat them too.
  6. While doing all this, keep telling them about the names and colors of the vegetables. This could be a great learning process for them. Also make them aware about the importance and nutritional value of the vegetables and fruits.
  7. Beating eggs and folding cake mixtures can also be a fun activity for children.
  8. Making simple salads attract children and they find them delicious to eat.
  9. After preparing something with the help of your child, use colorful bowls and utensils to serve.
  10. Garnishing appeals and attracts children towards food. Try to use different colors while garnishing. Cutting strips of fruit’s skin and making designs with it helps in making the child focus attention towards the food.
  11. Another technique for making children to eat is by not forcing them to eat food they dislike. The friendlier you are with children, the more they would listen to you. Make them feel free and create a casual environment. This is the only way to make them eat loads of healthy food.
  12. Giving children a mixture of puree is also good. Fruit purees have great taste and nutritional value for children. Similarly, soups are also good for children since they contain high nutritional value.
  13. Try to avoid giving oily food to children as it may cause trouble in their stomach.
  14. Try to use vegetable oil in making meals for children as vegetable oil is better than other fats and is also good for health.
  15. Make sure your child has adequate intake of dairy products everyday since it is essential for their growth.
  16. Last but not the least; hygiene is very important while dealing with food as care is better than cure. Teach your child the importance of cleanliness as you teach them to cook food.

Allowing your kid to go and work in the kitchen not only boosts their self esteem, but it is also a good way to spend time with the family. Fathers can also help in the kitchen to spend some quality time and it works great for bonding. Kids will also feel more useful if they help out and contribute something to the family by cooking.

Cooking is also a good way to incorporate creativity and imagination in your child. Kids like to try out new things and if they have something to work on, they will get ideas to express themselves. Working with you in the kitchen will also allow your kid to understand the importance of team work and will teach them how to plan things out.

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