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Baking Tips

Baking is usually related to the sweet items in the food menu. The smell of freshly baked items makes it irresistible to stay away from them. Baked goods can be decorated in a way that they become extremely appetizing. Fresh cream, fruit mixtures and delicious sauces are used to make them look attractive. Here are a few tips to make baking easier and interesting for you.

  1. Start making the mixture by combining butter and sugar. This creaming method makes the mixture fluffier.
  2. All ingredients should be at room temperature and make sure you know your oven well, Gas Mark, F and C.
  3. Always pre-heat oven to the desired temperature of the recipe.
  4. Always add the eggs one by one in the main container to avoid the addition of any rotten egg.
  5. Make sure that you beat the mixture in a single direction; clockwise or anticlockwise. Never reverse the direction for beating because it affects the inner consistency.
  6. Adding a pinch of salt to the mixture makes it soft and helps in baking it properly.
  7. Adding 2 to 3 teaspoons of milk also smooths the baking mixture.
  8. When adding any specific taste to the mixture, the flavored powder must be mixed in 1 or 2 teaspoons of milk and then added to the main mixture.
  9. The baking powder and flour should be confirmed to be fresh before adding.
  10. After the addition of flour in the mixture, do not beat it just mix or fold in with a wooden spoon properly.
  11. When adding the mixture to the baking pan, always grease the pan with some oil before pouring the mixture, especially if they are non-stick. Placing butter paper all over the pan is also a good technique.
  12. After pouring the mixture in the pan, tap the pan several times to make it spread equally to all the sides. It also takes out the air that is trapped in the mixture.
  13. After you place the baking pan in the oven, do not open it until the mixture gets a proper shape. Reopening the oven affects the heating process of the oven which is not good for baking.
  14. When the baking is complete, switch off the oven but do not bring the pan out immediately. Always give it 5 to 10 minutes to avoid the effects of change in temperature.
  15. Cool cakes and breads on wire racks for 10 minutes before unmolding to avoid the soaking of moisture produced by heat at the bottom. Do not put it on an enclosed surface.
  16. Finally, when you cut the slices, make sure that they have already reached the room temperature.
  17. While baking cakes, scones and pastries do not over handle the ingredients as that may result in air exposure.
  18. Use quality ingredients and utensils. Check for expires on all ingredients be it yeast, baking powder or milk. Similarly use clean baking trays, bowls and measuring cups.
  19. Use non stick baking trays. In case of non-availability, line the tray with baking parchments. Use pie dishes, gratin for baking pies or removable base baking dishes if required by the recipe.
  20. Measure ingredients using proper measuring scales, cups and spoons. Measuring cup for liquids and scale for solids.
  21. Use rubber spatulas or wooden spoons for folding. Do not use steel spoons.
  22. Make sure your baking tray fits in your oven well. Large baking trays will hinder oven heat circulation leading to over burning the middle of the dish. Similarly do not put 2 baking trays one over the other rack.
  23. In baking cakes your mixture should not be more than 3/4th of the baking tin. In case of more, there are chances the cake will spill out of the tin.
  24. Insert a toothpick in the centre of your cake to check if thoroughly baked or not.
  25. Always operate an oven with mittens and be careful to avoid any oven heat when you open the door.

We hope these tips make baking easier for you. Always try to follow these baking tips to make baking easy and convenient for you.

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